Friday, 28 July 2017

Thursday Thankfulness

Well I haven't posted for awhile. I felt like I did because I wrote this post ages ago, but never got around to posting it. Anyway I hope you don't mind a post from whatever Thursday it really was. I'm still really thankful for these blessings!

This morning I was thinking about the many blessings I've had even just in the last few days. I thought I'd share them with you! And I haven't posted many photos yet so here are some of Maverick.

  1. An Injury free horse. Yesterday morning I went and got Maverick his breakfast(yes, he is spoilt) and called him and when he didn't come I investigated. He had gotten both his front feet stuck in a bad bit of fencing. I am extremely thankful that he just waited calmly for me to find and free him instead of panicking and hurting himself. I also praise God that I went out to feed him earlier than normal. 
  2. Seeing Alycia Burton and her horse Goldrush. Last night Mum took me to see a show of Alycia's. It was really inspiring. She is currently traveling around Australia (Sorry people I didn't say on my about page I am Australian!)encouraging young people to keep going and that there will always be better days. One thing that really encouraged me is she was talking about how you don't have to have the best. Goldrush was given to her as a problematic 7 year old and her bridle was actually put together from 4 different ones. You don't have to have the best; you have to be determined and ready to put the hard work in to achieve your dreams. 
  3. My amazing riding Teacher. She is such a blessing and encouragement to me. She teaches logically and is very down to earth and practical. I was glad she came to the show last night and we had a really nice chat. It was also so cute to watch her daughter and a few other girls play on the jumps in the arena. 
  4. Learning new stuff about horse herd behavior. I've been doing a little bit of research on herd behavior and discovered some really interesting stuff. Here are a couple of links if this kind of stuff intrigues you. This one is good over all. As is this one: it is a bit more scientific. 
  5. Little things: throwing delicious smelling hay to the neighbour's cows; that I'm going to see my sister on the weekend - I haven't seen her for two weeks! (an extremely long time); sunshine; working with my brother mustering sheep; riding my horse; and so many other things! 

Monday, 3 July 2017


From my bed I can look out the window and see out across the hills from the house. I like watching the sun rise while snuggling in my warm bed. One morning as I was looking out at the horizon I noticed that the trees I always look at were actually planted there. Some one had planted them on my horizon.

I thought of the planter out there doing an amazing work planting the horizon. But think of it from his perspective: he is just planting some trees in his paddock. As he was there hard at work maybe he stretched his tired back and looked out at the horizon pondering the future. I doubt he realized that he was planting my horizon.

The point is this: one person's action years ago now makes my horizon. The action was small and seemingly insignificant. No one would have rushed up and thanked the tired worker at the end of the day. There would have been no recognition. So when your actions don't seem to be doing any good remember YOU could be planting someone else's horizon. They may not even be able to see it now but it will make a difference.

...A time to plant... Ecclesiastes 3:2