Monday, 19 March 2018

Book Review: Walk Like a Warrior

Title: Walk Like A Warrior: Inspiring True Stories of God's Encouragement on the Trail Less-Traveled.
Author: Shara Bueler-Repka
Facts: 112 pages. Seems only available as an e-book.
Pros: I enjoyed this book because of its passionate Christian horsey adventures. The author shares of her and her husband's experiences while on the road in horse ministry as well some miracles from her younger days. Each chapter starts with a Bible verse, tells a story and ends with some lessons, making it like a devotional. The chapters are short or divided into subsections. It also has pictures of beautiful nature throughout. The writing style is good, a bit more casual without being ungrammatical and hard to read.  I think as a whole the book keeps getting better as it goes along.

Cons: To start with I thought it was strange because it wasn't talking of horses. Then I realized it was just the first section on general ministry. A couple of stories  had very few details (obviously for privacy reasons) which was hard to relate to, dry and I feel would have been better left out. On the other hand some stories had so many dates and events it was confusing. Also the layout looks a little home done. But these few things can be dealt with and wouldn't discourage me from re-reading the book.

Overall it was very enjoyable. It tells of so many miracles and answered prayers which help to strengthen your faith. The stories beautifully reflect the title; there are battles to fight and we each need to walk like warriors in God's strength.


  1. Good review, Fave! It sounds like you analyzed it thoroughly. :)

    1. Thanks! I possibly analyzed it a little too much but anyway...