About Us

Me: I'm sixteen, and I live in the country with my family, my two pet sheep, and, of course, Maverick. I like to spend my time with Maverick, reading and researching horse care and training, or anything to do with horses, really. I also enjoy reading, patchwork, playing and listening to music, and spending time with God through the Bible, prayer, and being out in His creation. The thoughts in my posts are a result of those special times with my God.

My God: Truly, God is my everything. He's my strength, courage, hope, joy, redeemer, and song. Most of all, He is my Father. Particularly since my earthly father has died, I have a greater dependence on my Father in heaven. He is so gentle, so loving, so wise, so understanding, so compassionate, so merciful, and so true. I can't imagine going through life without having the joy and hope that only God can bring.

Maverick: Maverick is a chestnut quarter horse gelding. He's about ten years old. His personality is soft, affectionate, and plain lovable - with a streak of cheeky naughtiness. He has had a lot of rough experiences in the past and needs a lot of patience in training. But it's so rewarding teaching a horse to do something and to know they trust you. I love him to bits.


  1. Your horse sounds awesome! I've rode horses since I was little, so we have something in common!!! How long have you had him?

  2. Dear girl, you are so precious. God bless your journey with Him!

  3. Wow! we are a lot alike. We both love the the lord, love the out doors, and love horses it looks like we just might be friends. New follower here!

  4. I'm a new follower and I love your horse he's (is it a he or she?:/) so beautiful! I love horses to and I can't stand the city (so I love the country) I love spending time with God wherever you name it I'll spend time with God there!